When one puts words to paper they remain there even after the candle that illuminated them is extinguished. Similarly, our life flows through a succession of moments without pause. As one moment occurs it quickly gives way to the next, a precious instant never to be repeated. A photograph captures a trace of that moment, fixes it and makes it enduring in this fleeting world of change. The wonder of it all is being able linger upon the light of that moment which would otherwise be lost to us entirely.

       In my photography I always strive to capture what struck me visually. As well, their may be times when a photo can be taken beyond the confines of what was and reworked to what could never be.  The mind’s-eye has an unlimited capacity for creativity. While editing I try and give myself that same freedom. Photography is for me at times like finding a secret passage in the most unexpected place. A photo is just a representation of our physical world and yet we perceive it to be more. It has a life and spirit. It is one of my joys to assist it in it’s journey from the camera to wherever it’s destined to go. As there are no unimportant moments in life each photo is an opportunity to reveal what made a time so special. So, even if  just for a moment, come explore with me moments gone by…

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